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Birth Blanket

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● The perfect gift

Online only - not available in stores!

The Birth Blanket is a keepsake with a baby drawing that is as big as your baby at birth. Each blanket is individually hand printed and made to your baby's size. The Birth Pillow puts a lot of attention to detail in every product we make.

What we guarantee you:

  • Blanket in 30x40 inches (75x100 cm)
  • Individual size of your baby
  • High quality fabrics and washable
  • Scale 1:1, real measure to birth size
  • Sustainable product, vegan leather label 🌱
  • Name, size, weight, date of birth and time

* Is your desired size not available? No problem - simply select any size and contact us immediately after placing your order via contact@thebirthpillow.com.

The perfect gift

The Birth Blanket makes a great gift for new parents or grandparents. Perhaps as a gift for a baby shower or christening.
Whatever the occasion, you are not just gifting a thin, but a family's most precious and emotional memory. 

"We make it possible to relive a memory and to hold your newborn baby in our arms again."

Thanks to our timeless design, The Birth Blankets are completely gender neutral and fit in any nursery. Use the personalized Birth Blanket to document the growth progress of your baby.

Material and print

Selected fabrics that hug the baby's skin gently and are absolutely easy to care for. The Birth Blanket on a 1:1 scale is a unique opportunity to relive the magical time of having a newborn.
Using a professional printing method your child's birth information (name, birth size, birth weight, date of birth, time) ist placed under the drawing with a sentimental touch.

In special memory of a child lost

A chance to hold the child watching over you again and keep their memory alive.

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