The founders of THE BIRTH PILLOW are Sophie & Gordon Pollock.

While Sophie is the creative mind behind the product and full of inspiration and passion always brings in new ideas, Gordon is already waiting in the wings to implement them.

With our unbeatable team, we have made it our mission to put a smile on the face of every mom, dad and grandparent with the personalized birth pillow.

Handmade with love, the team sews each baby pillow individually to the size of your baby at birth. Individuality and reminders of what is arguably the most magical time of life and most importantly, new life, are our greatest inspiration.

That's how we came up with the idea of a pillow to a 1:1 scale and knew that this was also a great way to remind the child's growth. 

The birth of each child is a truly unique moment. For months we wait, look forward and tremble for this moment. But looking back, it fades from our memory so quickly. 

THE BIRTH PILLOW represents an unforgettable time that we want to capture for you.