Plan the perfect Baby Shower in 7 Steps


Hello and welcome! Since you're here, the honor and responsibility of organizing your loved one's baby shower has fallen to you. Naturally, you want it to be the most perfect shower they could ever imagine. We are here to help you plan and organize an unforgettable party that will literally shower the parents-to-be with joy and of course gifts.

Let’s do this step by step!

Step 1: Determine your Budget

Now we know it might seem unromantic to start with the budget, but hear us out. No matter how much planning you do, without the necessary budget, it will be difficult to achieve the desired result. So, make sure to get the finances sorted out first. Who will pay for the shower? Is it you as the host, are you gathering money from a group of relatives and friends, or are the parents financing the shower, even though this is rather the exception than the rule. Make sure to get that straight before you go out into planning and booking.

Step 2: Set a Date and Create a Guest List

Now that we've discussed the importance of budgeting, let’s move on to the fun parts of planning the baby shower. Since the event is organized around the mother-to-be and her due date, you have to ensure you pick a date that is close enough to the birth date to keep the excitement high, yet far enough away so that the mom-to-be can enjoy the shower and actively participate. Make sure to plan the guest list with the mom-to-be. Include important family members, best friends, and maybe even close work colleagues. In times like these, every ounce of love and support will be greatly appreciated by the soon-to-become mom.

Step 3: Choose a Theme and Decorations

Now, what kind of likings does your mom-to-be have? Does she like fairies and butterflies, or is she more on the sunny, orange side of the color wheel? Does she prefer having a more elegant shower or a more boho, casual one? These are questions that you should answer before choosing a theme. Once that is out of the way, you can start with the fun part. Begin by purchasing decorations like balloons, matching napkins, flowers, etc. Work on the room layout, how the guests will be seated, where should the gifts be placed whether you're playing this out at home or booking an event space. You could also search up Pinterest for some inspiration.

Step 4: Plan the Menu

Planning the menu nowadays might be trickier since you have to consider many factors. Is there something for everybody, meaning are there any allergies you should be aware of? You definitely don’t want someone having an allergic reaction during the shower. Are there religious restrictions like with meat, or do you have vegans or vegetarians in the group? These things should be considered, so that everybody feels included. Some Ideas could be mini sandwiches, fruit platters, cupcakes, and maybe signature mocktail. Don’t forget a beautiful cake to serve as the centerpiece of your dining table!

Step 5: Send Invitations

If we could get a dime for every time someone forgets to send out the invitations we'd have some money by now. Sending out the invitations early in the process of planning gives you the peace and also the time to do that without worrying about a hundred different things that have to be done before the event date. Usually, by the time you have the date, guest list, theme and location, there isn't much more you need to send out the invitations, so make sure to get them out as soon as possible.

Step 6: Organize Games and Activities

Baby shower games are a lovely addition the party. You don’t have to fill the entire time with games, but deciding on two to three options could make this a very fun experience for the participants. Some ideas could include games like 'Guess the Baby Photo', where guests bring their baby photos and everyone tries to identify them, and 'Baby Item Memory Game', which challenges guests to remember as many items as possible from a tray of baby-related products. You could also DIY or buy a Photo Box so that everybody gets to keep their memories in picture form.

Step 7: Consider Party Favors

We know that the person who should be showered with gifts is the mom-to-be, but party favors can go a long way as a means of saying thanks to the guests for coming and celebrating the special event. Small things like custom party-themed candles or a small lotion can really make an impact. A small thank-you note attached to each favor also adds a personal touch. 

Step 8: Enjoy the Celebration

After all the hard work,  it’s time to celebrate. Take plenty of photos, enjoy the food and appreciate the time spent with loved ones. Keep in mind all the joy you brought by organizing the perfect baby shower.

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